ITES [Information Technology Enabled Services]

  • Call centers provide customer interactive services.
  • Back office operations for remote customers.
  • British Airways has its reservation system running out of India.
  • All the top international banks channel their data- churning needs to their units in India.
  • ITES sector includes services ranging from call centers, claims processing, eg. Insurance
  • Medical Transcription
  • Office operations such as accounting, data processing, data mining.
  • Billing and collection, eg. Telephone bills
  • Internal audit and pay roll, eg.Salary bills on monthly basis
  • Cash and investment management, eg.Routine jobs given to a third party and giving importance to core business.

Business Process Outsourcing(BPO)

  • BPO is a hiring venture to take responsibility for a business process.
  • Including accounting, Medical coding and Medical Transcription

How to enter the BPO company

  • One way is to go through a recruitment company.
  • Another way is to pin point which you would like to target (Voice/Non voice)

Difference between voice /non voice BPO

  • Voice deals with speaking directly with the customers either in US / UK /in other countries.
  • Communication level should be higher when applying for a voice process.
  • Non voice includes more on data entry, data management ,E-mail writing.

Nature of work 

  • Call centers are voice or web based
  • Either in bound or out bound where in calls are received from and made to the customer respectively
  • Specialized in business processing, here calls are made from company to company.
  • Areas addressed by call centers are sales support,reservations ,bank accounts and tele marketing .

Inbound call centers

  • In bound call centers provide support function that include inquiries or help desks for various segments.
  • Most of the call centers are offering customer relationship management services that include support for voice call center, e-mail response, web-based text services and backroom processing.

Out bound call centers
Out bound call centers provide services for customer contact,to interact with international clients either on the help- desk make collection calls which include market surveys information and telemarketing.

Non voiced jobs

  • Data entry
  • This requires updating, organizing data base on various details of customers and clients.
  • Transaction processing: Answering customers
  • Queries, enquiries and responding to the complaints over the E-Mail

Working conditions with BPO
To work in a BPO you must be prepared for the challenging job, which would also require you to work during non morning hours (night shifts). Because the clients are mainly from U.K, U.S and European countries

Call center expects
Call center interview depends on

  • Computer knowledge
  • Communication skills in English
  • Keyboard skill
  • Mathematical skill etc.

Call centers Training
• The standard selection process for a call center would involves
• English language(Grammar,Delivery)
• Group discussion
• Numerical test
• Interview

Important areas of training
• Accent training
• Listening skills
• Telephone etiquette
• Tele sales
• Customer Relationship and
• Call center terminology.

• Training would be given on Basic skills,
• Training on the product /services(clientspecific)
• Training in technical fields and Functional areas(medicine, taxation, law,
financial services ).